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Times of day / time
Times of day / time Group sort
Time Balloon pop
Present Continuous (T/F) (new)
Present Continuous (T/F) (new) True or false
Going to - Questions
Going to - Questions Spin the wheel
Going to
Going to Hangman
Going to questions
Going to questions Unjumble
Questions with was/were
Questions with was/were Spin the wheel
Exercising True or false
Wh - questions
Wh - questions Find the match
Grammar Review Midterm - 2A
Grammar Review Midterm - 2A Open the box
Wh questions - Simple present
Wh questions - Simple present Unjumble
Past simple x Present Perfect
Past simple x Present Perfect Quiz
False Friends
False Friends True or false
Present Continuous - Questions (new)
Present Continuous - Questions (new) Quiz
Wh questions - past of be
Wh questions - past of be Whack-a-mole
My home
My home Wordsearch
Let's get to know each other!
Let's get to know each other! Spin the wheel
Sports Vocabulary
Sports Vocabulary Crossword
Grammar Review G&W 2A
Grammar Review G&W 2A Complete the sentence
Simple present questions with I/we/you
Simple present questions with I/we/you Spin the wheel
Spelling names
Spelling names Speaking cards
Simple present
Simple present Hangman
Musical terms for beginners -1
Musical terms for beginners -1 Match up
Expressions with Do, have, and make.
Expressions with Do, have, and make. Open the box
Quiz - Clothing
Quiz - Clothing Quiz
Basic Greeting in Cantonese
Basic Greeting in Cantonese Match up
Using Technology
Using Technology Find the match
Tell me about your name
Tell me about your name Open the box
Tagesablauf Unjumble
Can you questions
Can you questions Speaking cards
Reading comprehension beginners
Reading comprehension beginners Gameshow quiz
Essay writing for beginners
Essay writing for beginners Match up
Furniture Wordsearch
Furniture Wordsearch Wordsearch
False Friends
False Friends Spin the wheel
Easy text - Beginner
Easy text - Beginner Complete the sentence
Foods and drinks
Foods and drinks Crossword
What X Who (questions)
What X Who (questions) Quiz
Unscrumble Unjumble
Beginners Spin the wheel
Irregular Verbs 1 - 24
Irregular Verbs 1 - 24 Quiz
What's the matter?
What's the matter? True or false
What is it?
What is it? Gameshow quiz
Vocabulary review - Final Exam
Vocabulary review - Final Exam Group sort
Chapter 6 - Traitors
Chapter 6 - Traitors Quiz
What's in your bag?
What's in your bag? Wordsearch
Clothes Quiz
Chapter 7 - Vocabulary
Chapter 7 - Vocabulary Hangman
Week One, Unit 1
Week One, Unit 1 Match up
first aid
first aid Unjumble
Spelling Homework
Spelling Homework Anagram
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