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Capital Letters
Capital Letters Whack-a-mole
Rhyming Pairs
Rhyming Pairs Quiz
Kindergarten Sight Words
Kindergarten Sight Words Open the box
Inferences/Problem Solving deck 3
Inferences/Problem Solving deck 3 Random cards
Sound Cards
Sound Cards Random cards
Short /e/
Short /e/ Anagram
Phonics Hunk & Chunk
Phonics Hunk & Chunk Find the match
Letters Gameshow quiz
Picture Story for Writing
Picture Story for Writing Random wheel
Verb/Adjective Quiz
T2 Read cvc words accurately
T2 Read cvc words accurately Quiz
T, F, and B
T, F, and B Random wheel
Where Questions
Where Questions Gameshow quiz
Alphabet review
Alphabet review Whack-a-mole
pinyin Random cards
מה יש בחוץ?
מה יש בחוץ? Random wheel
How Many Syllables?
How Many Syllables? Quiz
水果 Match up
Letter Jj
Letter Jj Whack-a-mole
     אותיות א-י
אותיות א-י Balloon pop
Letter S Words
Letter S Words Whack-a-mole
Rhyming Open the box
Beginning Letter Sound
Beginning Letter Sound Random wheel
rhyming words
rhyming words Quiz
Rhyme Wheel
Rhyme Wheel Random wheel
Letter F
Letter F Image quiz
CVC Kindergarten
CVC Kindergarten Match up
Letter W
Letter W Whack-a-mole
Numbers, Chinese
Numbers, Chinese Balloon pop
十二生肖 Random cards
CCK Fruit train game
CCK Fruit train game Balloon pop
Letter g or n
Letter g or n Group sort
Blends Gameshow quiz
Predicting- What happens next?
Predicting- What happens next? Random cards
Initial sound /y/ Whack a Mole
Initial sound /y/ Whack a Mole Whack-a-mole
Number Bonds to 5
Number Bonds to 5 Open the box
Write the CVC word
Write the CVC word Random wheel
Speech & Language: Describing common events
Speech & Language: Describing common events Random cards
Fundations Letter Wheel
Fundations Letter Wheel Random wheel
sorting colors
sorting colors Group sort
Random Letter Spinner
Random Letter Spinner Random wheel
-ing match
-ing match Find the match
Letter-sound match
Letter-sound match Matching pairs
Missing Vowel
Missing Vowel Quiz
Final Sounds in words
Final Sounds in words Quiz
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