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Spelling rules 3

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c or k
c or k Group sort
EE/EA homophones and spelling
EE/EA homophones and spelling Open the box
Book 3 Rules Sorting Game
Book 3 Rules Sorting Game Group sort
Twisting words /wr/
Twisting words /wr/ Flip tiles
Soft c
Soft c Whack-a-mole
Floss words (CVC & CVCC)
Floss words (CVC & CVCC) Whack-a-mole
/igh/ words
/igh/ words Simple tiles
Vowel Teams (ee, ea, ai, ay)
Vowel Teams (ee, ea, ai, ay) Random cards
Wicked /wa/
Wicked /wa/ Random wheel
-tion & -sion  words
-tion & -sion words Random cards
Y=Long i
Y=Long i Whack-a-mole
Book 3 rules
Book 3 rules Group sort
 c/ck/k Rule
c/ck/k Rule Group sort
Spelling Rules 2
Spelling Rules 2 Group sort
Doubling Rule
Doubling Rule Quiz
Milk Truck Gameshow
Milk Truck Gameshow Gameshow quiz
Words with ee
Words with ee Whack-a-mole
10.7.19 Word Wall Words
10.7.19 Word Wall Words Open the box
Words with ea
Words with ea Whack-a-mole
Words with oa
Words with oa Whack-a-mole
Fruit Crossword
Fruit Crossword Crossword
-nk sort
-nk sort Group sort
prefix Hang man
prefix Hang man Hangman
Spelling Quiz gameshow
Spelling Quiz gameshow Gameshow quiz
consonant clusters
consonant clusters Gameshow quiz
CVC Word Spelling
CVC Word Spelling Whack-a-mole
ph or f / ff ?
ph or f / ff ? Group sort
Sorting k words
Sorting k words Group sort
CH or TCH at the end
CH or TCH at the end Gameshow quiz
Greek Root Words
Greek Root Words Random wheel
Words with ck
Words with ck Whack-a-mole
C, CK, K Spelling Quiz
C, CK, K Spelling Quiz Quiz
2 sounds of 'ear'
2 sounds of 'ear' Group sort
ck and ch Digraph Gameshow
ck and ch Digraph Gameshow Gameshow quiz
wh/ea words
wh/ea words Rank order
Doubling Rule Gameshow
Doubling Rule Gameshow Gameshow quiz
Letterland Unit 17
Letterland Unit 17 Missing word
Contractions Match up
Long e spellings
Long e spellings Anagram
Missing Word au and aw
Missing Word au and aw Missing word
week1 Random wheel
Suffix  -s and -es
Suffix -s and -es Quiz