1) You can play with this toy and build a tall tower. a) blocks b) slide c) blue d) plane 2) This blooms in Spring and has colorful petals. a) cloud b) flamingo c) flower d) plant 3) Clothing that you wear to keep your hands warm. a) blouse b) glasses c) slippers d) gloves 4) Place we hang up our clothes. a) blanket b) closet c) clock d) clothes 5) What you say to ask for something politely. a) floor b) slimy c) black d) please 6) An animal that moves very slowly. a) sloth b) blackbird c) fly d) sled dogs 7) Something we put over us to keep warm, often on beds. It is soft and cozy.   a) flag b) gloves c) blanket d) sleeping 8) We use this to see at night. a) flower b) flute c) glasses d) flashlight 9) We use this to stick paper together. It is white and sticky. a) playing b) clip c) glue d) milk 10) This person makes us laugh at the circus. a) clown b) florist c) slide d) slug 11) This is another word for happy. a) blue b) glad c) clover d) please 12) Something you do to have fun. a) planet b) sleep c) fly d) play 13) The opposite of fast. a) glossy b) slimy c) slow d) plush 14) A small, round purple fruit. a) plum b) clam c) flower d) sled


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