Say brother 4 times!, Say cloth in a sentence!, Show your best seated dance move., Think of two things in the bathroom with the TH sound., Say thimble four times!, Think of your favorite food and explain it without saying the name., Do 3 jumping jacks!, Pat your head and rub your belly at the same time., Hold the TH sound for as long as you can., Say throat 3 times!, If you are thirsty, what drink do you usually want the most?, Whisper chicken thigh three times!, Yell out loud, "I just saw the tooth fairy", 1 minute to look for a feather inside the house., Sing to someone in your house, "Evvvvverrryy rose haaasss its thorn", Tell me what fruit your would put in your smoothie., Sing to someone in your house, "Thunder, feel the thunder, lighting and the thunder", Say the tongue twister, "The first thing they think of is this", Say thumb 5 times!, 1 minute to draw a picture of a sloth!.


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