1) I was stuffed after Thanksgiving dinner. a) fill up envelopes b) feel full after eating a lot of food c) fill up a box d) fill up the refrigerator 2) My grandmother is so tiny and she eats like a bird. a) eat a small amount of food b) eat worms c) eat grass d) eat chicken 3) I eat too many sweets all the time so after Thanksgiving I'm going to go cold turkey. a) eat cold turkey b) put turkey in the refrigerator c) immediately stop doing a bad habit d) put ice on a turkey 4) My daughter said we have to talk turkey about whether she is going to get paid for helping cook Thanksgiving dinner. a) talk about eating turkey b) talk about what turkeys do c) talk to a turkey d) talk seriously about something 5) If you stuff your face at Thanksgiving dinner you will have a stomach ache when you finish. a) eat a lot b) eat very little c) eat stuffing d) paint your face 6) You better gobble up that pie before your cousin sees it because he is still hungry! a) talk b) eat something very quickly c) drink slowly d) grab a turkey 7) It must be easy as pie to make chocolate chip cookies because my brother is only 8 years old and he made some. a) Very simple b) Small pie c) Delicious pie d) Very hard 8) Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings.  a) count how many prayers you say at night b) to be grateful for the good things in your life c) go to church d) count your money 9) It was a blessing in disguise when we ran out of mashed potatoes because I had already eaten too much. a) something that looks bad at first but turns out to be good b) a prayer c) a woman dressed up like an angel d) a place in the church 10) He found out his eyes were bigger than his stomach when he couldn't eat all his mac and cheese. a) your stomach has eyes b) you get something in your eye c) you don't like mac and cheese d) you got more food on your plate than you could eat 11) We couldn't wait to dig in because Thanksgiving dinner looks so delicious! a) dig a hole b) cook dinner c) start eating d) finish eating


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