1) You are very crabby.  a) You are very grouchy. b) You are very excited. c) You are very sad. 2) My watch is a real dinosaur? a) My watch is so strange. b) My watch is huge? c) My watch is really old? 3) That sounds fishy. a) That sounds interesting. b) That sounds suspicious. c) That sounds weird. 4) The plans for my party are up in the air until the world gets healthy again. a) plans are far away b) plans are happening now c) plans haven't been decided yet 5) I had butterflies in my stomach waiting in line for the rollercoaster.  a) I felt nervous. b) I felt full. c) I felt angry. 6) Jack needs to hit the books if he wants to get straight A's. a) Jack needs to slap a book with his hand. b) Jack needs to study. c) Jack needs to clean his room. 7) My brother went bananas when he won tickets to the Super Bowl.  a) My brother happy and crying tears of joy. b) My brother was angry, shouting, and shaking his fist. c) My brother was very emotional in a crazy, over the top way. 8) My friend is a social butterfly.  a) My friend is carefree.  b) My friend loves being around people. c) My friend is very shy. d) My friend is nervous. 9) The teacher told Bat that he was all ears. a) He is listening carefully. b) He has large ears. c) He loves corn on the cob. d) He doesn't hear well. 10) I have a sweet tooth. a) I have a cavity. b) I love sugar. c) I have candy teeth. 11) Janie accidentally spilled the beans. a) Janie spilled a can of beans b) Janie fell down. c) Janie told a secret. d) Janie overslept. 12) Sue and Betty were like two peas in a pod. a) Betty and Sue liked to eat peas for dinner. b) Betty and Sue had very opposite personalities. c) Betty and Sue turned were close friends that like similar things. 13) Today our math activity was a piece of cake. a) We had cake during math class today. b) Math was easy today. c) We baked a cake using math today. 14) Finding my tooth on the playground will be like finding a needle in a haystack. a) Extremely hard to find. b) Super easy to find. c) We jumped into the sand at recess. 15) I didn't want to go to the party, luckily I was off the hook when my mom grounded me. a) The phone wasn't hung up. b) We went fishing instead c) Freed from obligation. 16) Tom was the class clown. a) Tom cried a lot. b) Tom went to circus school. c) Tom jokes around a lot in class. 17) I wanted a robot, but my mom said it would cost an arm & a leg. a) It is very expensive. b) I'd have to put my arm on the robot. c) I'd have to put my leg on the robot. 18) During my quarantine, I was a couch potato. a) I ate a lot of french fries. b) I spilt potato chips on the couch. c) A lazy person. 19) My Dad let the cat out of the bag, . a) Accidentally told a secret. b) Brought home a kitten. c) Found a bag with a cat in it. 20) We got gas and groceries at the convenience store, killing two birds with one stone. a) We threw rocks at some birds. b) We solved 2 problems at 1 time with 1 action. c) We stopped because we were hungry. 21) Filling up the tub was a drop in the bucket when washing the dog. a) Filling the tub one bucket at a time. b) Washing the dog is fun. c) A very small quantity of things that needed to be done. 22) I feel like I am walking on eggshells when my Mom is working at home. a) Trying hard not to upset someone. b) My feet hurt from the eggs. c) I like when my Mom works at home 23) Time flies when I am with you. a) The clock got knocked over. b) Birds stole my watch. c) Time passes quickly. 24) I am at home because I am sick as a dog. a) I'm home playing with my dog. b) I am extremely sick. c) My dog is extremely sick. 25) Sara and I are joined at the hip. a) Two people who are always together. b) Two people who were born connected. c) Two people who don't like each other. 26) I am at the end of my rope. a) Hanging over a cliff by a rope. b) I have no patience left to deal with something. c) I am tired because I holding on to this rope. 27) I will buy you a car when pigs fly. a) A long time ago pigs had wings. b) A car is as expensive as a flying pig. c) Something that will never happen. 28) We are in the same boat, having to take this test late. a) Having the same problem as you. b) I was late for school, and missed the test. c) Our boat is sinking. 29) The storm is loud and it's raining cats and dogs. a) Animals are falling from the sky. b) The raindrops look like animals. c) It's raining in great amounts. 30) I have a frog in my throat. a) I ate frog legs for dinner. b) My voice has a rough sound. c) The frog in my throat is noisy. 31) I feel like a fish out of water when giving a speech in class. a) I'm outside of my comfort zone. b) I am outside of the fishbowl. c) I love giving speeches to my classroom. 32) Don't cry over spilled milk. a) I really wanted to drink the milk. b) Be happy about things that will happen later. c) Don't be unhappy about what can't be undone.


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