We’re playing really well, it’s 3–1. If we win..., The film starts at 6.30. If we don’t leave now..., There are lots of things I want to buy! If I don’t have enough money..., We don't have any sandwiches for the trip. If we’re hungry later..., We really need a holiday. If we can get a cheap flight..., It’s getting really late. If we don’t go to the supermarket now..., It’s going to be really cold tomorrow. If it snows..., I can’t see my car keys anywhere. If I don’t find them..., That exam was really hard. If I don’t pass it..., You look tired. If you don’t want to go out this evening..., My girlfriend is working late today. If she doesn’t finish work before 9.00..., We’re at the station, waiting for Dave. If he doesn’t come soon..., I’ve bought a lot of food for the party. If we don’t eat it all..., The teacher has just told us the date of the exam. If you don’t write it down..., I know you don’t like Anne, but I don’t think she’s coming to the party. If she comes....


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