Can you say three things you can do online?, Can you say the days of the week in ten seconds?, Can you sleep... A) in a bus or a plane? B) with the lights on?, Can you play... A) chess? B) the violin? C) volleyball?, Can you say 'Hello' in five languages?, Can you say three things you can do with your mobile?, Can you say three things you can't do in a library?, Can you sing... A) a song in your language? B) a song in English?, Can you say three things you have in your wallet?, Can you swim 2 km?, Can you drive... A) a car? B) a motorbike?, Can you remember the phone numbers of three people in your family?, Can you spell these numbers correctly? A) 8 B) 15 C) 30, Can you say three places where you can't use your mobile?, Can you spell your name and address in English?, Can you rememebter the opposites of these adjectives? A) full B) strong C) dangerous, Can you draw a map of your country?, Can you make spaghetti?, Can you run... A) 1 km? B) 10 km?, Can you count down from 20 to 1 in ten seconds?.

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