1) The mouse is ... (small) than a cat. a) smaller b) smaler c) more small 2) The puppy is ... (big) than a rabbit.  a) biger b) bigger c) more big 3) Your car is ... (fast) than mine! a) faster b) fastter c) more fast 4) Bananas are ... (cheap) than lemons. a) cheapper b) more cheap c) cheaper 5) This blouse is ... (expensive) than the yellow one. a) more expensive b) expensiver c) more expensiver 6) My cat is ... (old) than my dog. a) oldder b) older c) more old 7) Ariana Grande is ... (popular) than Taylor Swift. a) more popular b) popular c) popularer  8) Shrek 2 is ... (funny) than Shrek 1. a) funnyer b) more funny c) funnier 9) German is ... (difficult) than English. a) diffuluter b) difficult c) more difficult 10) Rainy weather is ... (bad) than shiny weather! a) worser b) badder c) worse 11) Angela is ... (tall) than Betty. a) tall b) more tall c) taller

ADJECTIVES: comparative (1)

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