Individual plans

School plans

How many teachers?

up to 5
up to 10
up to 20
up to 50

Standard Pro
$308 / year
5 users for the price of 4
$464 / year
5 users for the price of 4


Can I just get a quotation?

Yes, just select a plan above and then proceed to step 3; you'll get a quotation document to save or print. There is no obligation, the price is valid for 30 days. Tax will be deducted for qualifying EU based schools and companies.

What happens if my school ends the subscription?

All the users will be downgraded to Basic. Their existing resources will remain accessible and unaffected, but they won't be able to freely create new resources.

Anyone in this position can individually upgrade their account if they wish to retain full functionality.

Can my school get a trial?

There isn't a whole school trial. But anyone can sign up for a Basic account to try it out for themselves for free.

What payment methods do you support?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Union Pay

Your invoice can also be paid by bank transfer.

Contact us if you need an alternative payment method.

How do I join a school plan?

Ask a member of the school plan to go to My School in their account menu. Here they can create an invitation which will allow you to join.

The plan administrator was also sent an invitation link when their account was first activated.

Does our group have to be part of a school?

Any group of people can arrange a school plan. It doesn't matter what kind of organisation you are.

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