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Match up Random wheel Quiz Open the box Whack-a-mole Balloon pop Group sort Find the match Anagram Crossword Wordsearch Airplane Maze chase Gameshow quiz Labelled diagram True or false Random cards Seating plan

All the basic ones, plus Image quiz Missing word Matching pairs Flip tiles Word magnets Categorize Brainstorm Spider diagram Rank order Conveyor belt Unscramble Simple tiles Higher or lower Maths generator

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Match up Random wheel Quiz Whack-a-mole Group sort Anagram Crossword Wordsearch Airplane Labelled diagram Seating plan Writing frame Drawing Frame Name sheet Register

All the basic ones, plus Word magnets Categorize Spider diagram Rank order Simple tiles Bingo Order of preference

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Quiz Brainstorm Sketch pad Category brainstorm

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Is there a contract or can I cancel anytime?

There is no contract. At any point you can cancel and no further payments will be taken.

To do this go to Manage Payments in the top-right account menu then click Cancel Subscription.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept credit and debit card payments for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Contact us if you need an alternative payment method.

Note that school plans can be paid by bank transfer.

When will payments be taken?

The first payment is taken on the day you start the subscription and then on the same day each month or year thereafter.

Can I switch between standard and pro later on?

Yes, to do this go to Manage Payments in the top-right account menu then click Change Plan To ....

What happens to my activities if I cancel?

You will still have access to your My Activities folder. You will still be able to play, print or download your resources. Any resources that you have published or embedded will continue to work as before.

However you will then not be able to create new resources or edit existing ones.

Can I get an invoice?

The invoices can be found by going to Manage Payments in the top-right account menu. Scroll down to see a table of all past payments each with a PDF link. Contact us if you need your invoice details amended.

What happens if my school gets a subscription?

Contact us and we'll transfer your account over.

We'll refund any personal payments from the last 12 months if your school gets a group plan.

If I cancel, can I resume a subscription later?

Yes, there is no problem doing this. Your activities will be safe and you'll still be able to use all of the free basic features in the meantime.