1) Alyssa has 65 baseball cards. Jason bought 43 of Alyssa's baseball cards. How many baseball cards does Alyssa have now ? 2) Mary has 74 red marbles, she gave Joan 22 of the marbles. How many red marbles does she now have ? 3) Sandy had 94 nickels in her bank. She spent 62 of her nickels. How many nickels does she have now ? 4) List the 4 Operations used in Math 5) Sandy has 35 books. Benny has 41 books. How many books do they have together? 6) Rayven took her dogs to the park every day last week (7 days in one week). Each day they walked 3 miles. How many miles did they walk total? 7) Ayden ate 4 pieces of pizza for lunch, 3 hot dogs and 32 chips. How many items did he eat total? 8) Choose again. 9) You get a piece of candy.



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