1) We can buy meat here. a) bakery b) restaurant c) butcher´s d) greengrocer´s 2) We can eat very good food here. a) Mall b) Building c) Restaurant d) Cinema 3) We can see beautiful pictures and photos here. a) Theatre b) Court c) Cinema d) Gallery 4) When we have a flu we ask for help here. a) Cafe b) Police station c) Fire station d) Hospital 5) We buy pills here. a) Pharmacy b) School c) Hospital d) Florist´s 6) We can get on a plane here. a) Train station b) Petrol station c) Airport d) Fire station 7) We can get on a bus here. a) Train station b) Airport c) Bus stop d) Crossroad 8) We have to stop if it is red light. a) Traffic lights b) Roundabout c) Street d) Building 9) At Christmas they put a Christmas tree for all people here. a) Square b) Police station c) Petrol station d) Car park 10) We can leave our cars here. a) Petrol station b) Square c) Street d) Car park 11) When a building is on fire we ask for help here. a) Police station b) Bus stop c) Hospital d) Fire station 12) We can buy cakes and bread here. a) Greengrocer´s b) Bakery c) Butcher´s d) Hairdresser´s 13) We can have our hair cut here. a) Mall b) Supermarket c) Greengrocer´s d) Hairdresser´s 14) We can sleep in a comfortable bed here. a) Cafe b) Florist´s c) Hospital d) Hotel 15) We can send letters and postcards here. a) Police station b) Fire station c) Post office d) Butcher´s 16) We can borrow a book here. a) Bookshop b) Library c) Mall d) Supermarket 17) We can transfer money here. a) School b) Post Office c) Bank d) Mall 18) We go here everyday to study. a) Hospital b) Bakery c) Building d) School 19) We can watch a film here. a) Building b) Square c) Street d) Cinema 20) It is difficult to escape from here. a) Post Office b) School c) Prison d) Police station 21) We can buy books here. a) Library b) Bookshop c) Supermarket d) Florist´s


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