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A la cart - Dishes prepared to order and priced individually, Bain-marie - A container of water for keeping foods hot without burning, Blitzer - See stick blender, Chinois - Conical (cone shaped) strainer, can be coarse or fine, Correcting - To adjust the consistency, seasoning and colour of a soup or sauce before serving, Deglacer - To ‘swill out’ a pan with wine stock etc in order to remove food sediment, Escalope - A thin slice of raw meat or chicken, Friture - A deep fat fryer, Glacage - Egg yolks and lightly whipped cream for mixing into sauces to achieve a glaze under a salamander eg fish dishes, Jus lie - Thickened gravy, Marinade - A rich pickling liquid used to flavour and/or tenderise meats, poultry and fish, Noisette - A boneless cut of lamb from the loin, Paysanne - Vegetables cut into thin triangles, circles or squares, Reduce - To concentrate a liquid by boiling, Seal - To quickly set the surfaces of meat, poultry and fish in a hot pan or griddle, Truss - To secure foods with string eg poultry, Chiffonade - Fine shreds eg lettuce or spinach, Tranche - A slice,

Common Culinary Terms Part 1



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