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Au gratin - Sprinkled with cheese or breadcrumbs and browned in the oven or under the salamander, Blanch - To soften fibres before braising eg root vegetables, Butters - Beurre Fondu – melted butter, Consistency - The thickness and texture of a soup or sauce, Croutons - Can be squares, triangles or heart shaped, fried in butter and served with soups etc, Eggwash - Beaten egg with a little milk/water, Frappe - Chilled as in melon frappe, Ghee - Indian clarified butter, Jardinière - Vegetables cut into batons, Macedoine - A mixture of fruit or vegetables, Napper - To coat foods with a sauce, Paupiette - A stuffed and rolled fillet of fish or meat, Ragout - A brown beef stew, Saute - To cook quickly in a sauté or frying pan, Terrine - An earthenware dish for cooking pates, Blanquette - A white stew, Julienne - Cut into fine strips, Paner - To coat foods in flour, egg wash and bread crumbs,

Common Culinary Terms Part 5



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