Proportion - The ratio beteen two things, Reign - Julius Caesar's ________ was from 46 – 44 BC., Royal - To do with kings or Queens, Science - A subject in school, Search - To look for something or someone missing, Straight - Unbending , Summit - The top of a mountain, Through - The swimmer moved _______ the water easily, Trouble - Problems or difficulty - You will get in _______ if you mess, Young - The opposite of old, Reappear - To become visible again, Regular - Happens Often - "Every hour the clock tower bell rings", Irritate - To Annoy, Obvious - Clear to see, Accidental - NoOn purpose "The injury at yard time was _________", Familiar - Well known to someone - for a long time, Aggressive - Likely to fight or attack., Result - The score of a match/competition, Honest - Trustworthy - tells the truth, Steady - Not shaking or moving,

4th Class English Crossword




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