Instinctive: Newly hatched ducklings following the first moving object they see and assume it is their mother, Male robins attack a dummy bird which has a red breast, Salmon in the sea return to the stream they were born in to breed, An injured animal will lick its wounds, All the fish in a shoal turn in the same direction together, A female horse eats its placenta after giving birth, A cat, when dropped, lands with it's feet pointing downwards, Crows are scared of a scarecrow, Learned: Everyone shakes hands with their right hand, People usually say 'bless you' when someone sneezes, Bears in Canada eat rubbish out of bins, Drivers brake when they see a red light, A dog will come up to you when you whistle it, Chimpanzees will use 'tools' to crack open the hard shells of fruit and nuts,

Instinctive vs. Learned Behaviour




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