present simple (делаю иногда, но не сейчас): I have English lessons on Monday, She goes to the swimming pool in the evening, He takes good photos with his camera, We play computer games together at my house after school, They visit their grandparents at the weekend, I meet my friends at a cafe, He is often tired, We are never late, I don't like fish, He doesn't play football on Sundays, She doesn't have art classes, present continuous (делаю прямо сейчас): I'm having English lesson, We are going to school now, She's talking on the phone at the moment, They're having breakfast, He isn't surfing the Internet, I'm not doing a History project right now, He can't talk, he's having a shower, She's listening to music, We're walking to school, They aren't riding horses right now, It isn't raining, It's snowing,


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