1) This is my dog. ______ ears are brown. a) His b) Her c) Its 2) I have got a cat. ______ cat is cute. a) His b) Your c) My 3) We have got a beautiful house. ______ house is big. a) Our b) Your c) My 4) Robin has got a bike. ______ bike is blue. a) His b) My c) Its 5) This is a fox. ______ tail is very long. a) My b) Your c) Its 6) You have got a skateboard. _______ skateboard is black. a) My b) Your c) Our 7) The kids have got iPads. ______ iPads are white. a) Their b) Our c) Your 8) This is a giraffe. ______ neck is very long. a) Its b) His c) Her 9) Gina has got a dress. ______ dress is purple. a) His b) Her c) Your 10) My friends and I have got stickers. ______ stickers are cool! a) Our b) His c) Their 11) This is my cat. ______ eyes are green. a) His b) Its c) My 12) Kim has got a car. _______ car is red. a) Their b) Your c) Her 13) They have got T-shirts. _____ T-shirt is green and _____ T-shirt is pink. a) His/Her b) My/Your c) Our/Their 14) I have got headphones. _____ headphones are cool! a) Your b) My c) Our 15) Fred has got a new computer. ______ computer is white. a) My b) His c) Their




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