1) Mum ... at the moment a) is cooking b) cooks 2) I ... to see my grandparents every Saturday morning a) go b) am going 3) George ... to windsurfe now a) is learning b) learns 4) He ... a shower right now a) is not having b) doesn't have 5) Pete and I ... Scrabble at the moment a) are playing b) play 6) My sister ... her friends every afternoon a) meets b) is meeting 7) I can't go out tonight because I ... for my Maths exam. a) am studying b) study 8) I ... want to leave yet. a) am not wanting b) don't want 9) I ... such a good time. a) have b) am having 10) Christine ... much TV because she ... to read a) doesn't watch b) isn't watching c) prefers d) is prefering

Spotlight 6 Module 6 Present Simple/Continuous


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