militarism - Expansion of military, weapons, and war technology, alliances - groups of countries who agree to protect and defend each other, nationalism - pride and loyalty for one's nation, imperialism - when one country expands its power over another territory, MAIN - the four long term causes that led to WWI, Archduke Franz Ferdinand - assassination of this person led to the beginning of WWI, Balkans - region in Europe that was a powder keg - ethnic groups and nationalities wanting independence, Central Powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Triple Entente - France, Great Britain, Russia, total war - type of military conflict in which the countries/participants make any sacrifice in lives and other resources to win , trench warfare - WWI quickly became a stalemate due to this, Belgium - this country's neutrality was violated when Germany invaded it to get to France, Western Front - line of trenches and fighting along the French/German border, Schlieffen Plan - Germany's plan to avoid a 2 front war, tank - new war technology - to overcome trenches and soldiers could be protected inside from gunfire, chemical warfare - used for the first time in WWI; could be used to get soldiers out of trenches but caused many respiratory and eye issues,




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