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Llyfnhau - Laying off, Heneiddio - Ageing, Marciau llithro - Skid marks, Bwced rholeri - Scuttle, Siswrn papuro - Paper hanging shears , Paratoi arwynebau - Making good , Cyllell gŷn - Chisel knife , Llafnau calcio - Caulking blades, Paent sglein - Gloss Paint, Torri i mewn - Cutting in , Côt uchaf - Top coat, Isbaent - Undercoat, Fflogiwr - Flogger, Stensilio - Stencilling, Paent preimio - Primer, Papur leinio - Lining paper, Cilfwa - Cove , Graenio - Graining, Scrymblo - Scrumble, Ffitsh - Fitch,

Peintio Ac Ardduno Find the Match Welsh and English Keywords


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