Climate means the ____ weather conditions for an area. It describes the ____ over at least ____.Weather tells us about the ____ and ____ (rain, snow, sleet or hail) You can tell what sort of ____ a place is by looking at the ____ These give you a ____ to what sort of biome it is. A biome is a ____ on planet Earth.The ____ of a biome means that only ____ and ____ live there. Animals and plants have ____ there, they HAVE characteristics that means they CAN live there, whilst others cannot. The major land ____ on planet Earth are: ____ - treeless and cold. ____- cold conifer forests. ____ - vast grasslands further away from the equator. ____ - vast dry areas with very little precipitation e.g. (rain, snow or hail) ____ - evergreen and deciduous trees. ____ - hot and wet climate near the equator. ____ - huge, dry grasslands with a few trees near the equator. ____ - colder mountains with trees.




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