1) I enjoy ___________. (dance) a) to dance b) dancing c) to dancing 2) What do you want __________ tonight? (do) a) doing b) to doing c) to do 3) Goodbye! I hope ___________ you again soon. (see) a) see b) to see c) seeing 4) I learned ____________ when I was 5 years old. (swim) a) to swim b) swimming c) to swimming 5) Have you finished ___________ the kitchen? (clean) a) clean b) to clean c) cleaning 6) I’m tired. I want ___________ to bed. (go) a) to go b) going c) to going 7) Do you enjoy _____________ other countries? (visit) a) visit b) to visit c) visiting 8) The weather was nice, so I suggested ____________ for a walk by the river. (go) a) go b) going c) to go 9) Where’s Bill? He promised ____________ here on time. (be) a) being b) be c) to be 10) I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind ___________. (wait) a) waiting b) to wait c) wait 11) What have you decided ___________? (do) a) do b) doing c) to do 12) Eric was very angry and refused ___________ to me. (speak) a) to speak b) speaking c) to speaking 13) Where’s Anna? I need ___________ her something. (ask) a) ask b) asking c) to ask 14) They were very upset and started _____________ .(cry) a) crying b) to cry c) cry 15) I’m trying ____________. Please stop __________. (work / talk) a) working / to talk b) to work / talking c) working / talking

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