1) He... a) can't dance. b) can't drive a car. c) can ride a bike. 2) She... a) can swim. b) can sing. c) can see. 3) He... a) can't hear. b) can fish. c) can fly. 4) He... a) can't jump. b) can run. c) can't cook. 5) She... a) can play tennis. b) can play the piano. c) can ride a bike. 6) He... a) can't play basketball. b) can play the drum. c) can play football. 7) He... a) can't drive a car. b) can't ride a bike. c) can jump. 8) He... a) Can play the violin. b) Can’t play the drums. c) Can play the drums. 9) She.. a) can play the flute. b) can play the recorder. c) can play the guitar. 10) She... a) Can’t play the violin. b) Can play the vilin. c) Can play the violin. 11) He... a) Can pley the triangle. b) Can play de triangle. c) Can play the triangle. 12) The monkey... a) Can play the drums. b) Can’t play the guitar. c) Can’t play the violin.


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