1) Make a sentence with "GO" 2) Correct the question: Does he understands Spanish? 3) Make a sentence with "she" 4) Complete: ________ ________you live? 5) Make a sentence with "ALWAYS" 6) Complete: _________ she cook every day? 7) Ask a question with "does" 8) Complete: ________she a doctor? 9) Correct the question: What time he wake up? 10) Complete: ___________do they go to the gym? 11) Make a negative sentence in the "SIMPLE PRESENT" 12) Complete: I _____ ________ speak French. 13) Complete: He _______________ every day ( cook) 14) Make a sentence with "never" 15) Carlos and Maria ______ work on Saturdays. (negative) 16) Correct the sentence: We watches TV at night. 17) Who ___________to dance with me? (want - wants) 18) Make a sentence with "get up" 19) Say the negative form of the sentence : She stays home on Saturdays 20) Translate the sentence: "Where do uou live?" 21) make the negative form of the sentence: "she likes to eat sandwich" 22) Complete: He __________ English classes on Mondays. ( have)


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