Leona - Her name means Lioness. Dedicated, dependable and loyal., Lucy - supremely artistic, diligent, she has 3 older sisters, Kate - Caring, calm, considerate and kind. Has a brother in 4th class, likes dogs ALOT, Aoife - she supports Liverpool, huge car racing fan and incredibly hardworking., Kamatou - she bet Mr Mulcahy in a race. Hardworking, dependable and always honest., Anna - she has a brother Tom, likes to laugh alot with Róisín. Extremely studious. and good hearted, Anastasia - she has 2 brothers in the school, multi talented and always dedicated., Aliyah - So basicially.......she is a very hardworking, bright, lively girl., Aisling - she has an older sister, big football fan, hardworking, caring and kind no happy memories of Junior Infants, Teresa - Joined the class again in November. Very artisitc., Basmala - basketball, TikTok and birds. Life of the party and a motivated, determined student., Sofiia - a new puppy arrived into the house. Artistic, unique and creative., Hannah - 1 older brother. Consistently kind, mannerly and diligent. Has alot of friends who support Liverpool., Nadine - very talented artist, clever, notices things other do not, scared of Aoife in Junior Infants, Maja - she is very sporty, cycles to school and a great artist., Róisín - likes to chat to Anna, student council member, brother in 4th. Loyal, caring, honest and positive., James - he is a big Liverpool supporter, expert at keey uppies. A great student and friend to have., Natan - he supports Man United. Favourite player Wan Biasska. A super work ethic., Jack - He was born in Australia. Very knowledgeable and informed about the world., Darragh - Great defender in hockey, loves history, sister in 4th class., Oliver - good friends with Sam, tall, clever and always mannerly., Sam - Kind hearted and perceptive. Boy who almost lost to Mr Mulcahy in a game at Christmas, Ben - talented sportsmen, brother plays football in England., Anthony - older brother called Christopher, clever and funny., Brooklyn - wears glass, tall, athletic, kind hardworking and a great sense of humour., David - Huge Arsenal supporter. Avid sports fan. Nearly as fast as Mr Mulcahy. A good soul., Tom - Clever, interested and perceptive. Always asks Mr Mulcahy questions he's not sure the answer to, Dennis - He is clever, chatty, kind, honest a great hockey goalie who never lets in goals., Finn - Enthusiastic, curious dedicated and has an older sister called Abbie,

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