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AND operator - narrows a search by combining terms; it will retrieve documents that use both the search terms you specify, OR operator - broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you type in, NOT operator - will narrow a search by excluding certain search terms, Web crawler - is a program that automatically browses all pages in a systematic manner., Online database contains - product details, customer details, order details, FTP - is a standard set of rules that have been established to allow the exchange of (large) files over the internet , Purpose of web crawler - Provides data about web pages in order to produce an index (database/list) which can be used by a search engine to enable fast searches., Advantages of Online Database - Users are all able to access the same database; Avoid data duplication; Data will always be up-to date., Use of FTP - Used for uploading a database of transactions/balances from one branch of the bank to the head office. , Advantages of FTP - You are not limited to file size unlike with email attachments; Allows reliable transfer of files between platforms. ,

Boolean search and FTP

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