to form a row or series along the side of a road or street. - to line the street, something that happens regularly or is included as part of a routine or schedule. - a regular feature, importance or meaning attached to something. - significance, a sign or symbol that indicates something has been officially approved or endorsed. - seal of approval, to be amazed or astonished by something. - to marvel at, to display or arrange items for sale. - lay out wares, to extend or lengthen the duration of something. - prolong, to look at something with admiration or wonder. - to gaze at, loud, high-pitched screams or cries. - shrieks, to deal with or manage a difficult situation or problem. - cope with, a place where there is a lot of busy and energetic movement or work happening. - a hive of activity, to move through or around obstacles in a skillful and fluid manner. - weave arouond, an excess amount of something, more than what is needed or used. - surplus, to divert someone's attention away from something. - distract by, food or goods that are grown, made, or produced locally in the area.. - local produce, to lose control and move in an uncontrolled or chaotic manner..  - drift out of control, make a purchase - hustle and bustle, to buy something. - make a purchase,


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