1) Who's Granny was from Roscommon? a) Yvonne b) Mr. Grehan c) Ms. Noone d) Chris (Office) 2) Which classmate has owned 13 bunnies (although not at the same time) a) Maeve McGrath b) Cara Klatt c) Isobel Choiseul d) Ava Facchino-Byrne 3) Who once burned the bottom of their laptop by leaving it on the stove? a) Katie Reilly b) Fionn Coyle Connolly c) Emma Harkin d) Eddie Diver 4) Who as a baby, fell off a counter and split their head open? a) Senan Clandillon b) Rachel Kiely c) Stephen Raleigh d) Eabha Sheehan 5) Which classmate has not one, not two, not three but FOUR dogs? a) Sasha Murray b) Imogen Lawlor c) Evelyn Whelan d) Catherine Choiseul 6) Who once met Robbie Keane after a football match? a) Fionn Ebbs b) James Foran c) Conor Quinn d) Matthew Kiely 7) Who's Godparents live in Canada? a) Molly Breen b) Emma Coyle c) Eamon Molloy d) Max Rainbow 8) Who once went on a 6 month long holiday? a) Jake Ross b) Matthew Galvin c) Aoibhe Murphy d) Aifric Milicevic 9) Who needed to get a ring cut off their finger because they had been wearing it for 2 years straight! a) Katie Reilly b) Charlotte Freyne c) Katie Hand d) Ms. Noone 10) Who once scored a try on live TV? a) Neil Conway b) Jack Garvey c) Matthew Kiely d) Charlotte Freyne 11) Who's Uncle was one of the first responders at 9/11? a) Maeve McGrath b) Fionn Coyle Connolly c) Ava Facchino-Byrne d) Aoibhe Murphy 12) Which classmate is actually a fairly decent surfer? a) Emma Harkin b) Matthew Galvin c) Rachel Kiely d) Neil Conway 13) Which person believes that tomatoes are super gross and disgusting? a) Mr. Grehan b) Fionn Ebbs c) Eamon Molloy d) Imogen Lawlor 14) Who won a dancing competition in Spain when they were just 3 years old? a) Isobel Choiseul b) Aoibhe Murphy c) Catherine Choiseul d) Conor Quinn 15) Who's favourite tractor is a John Deere 6R? a) Aifric Milicevic b) Sasha Murray c) Senan Clandillon d) Stephen Raleigh 16) Which classmate after having a shower, got out of the shower and was putting on his socks, only to slip and fall through the shower pane smashing it into pieces and cutting his back all over? a) Cara Klatt b) James Foran c) Jake Ross d) Max Rainbow 17) Which student always plays hockey on Sundays? a) Molly Breen b) Evelyn Whelan c) Eddie Diver d) Emma Coyle 18) Who's favourite type of books are fantasy/dark/horror? a) Ellen Cowley b) Jack Garvey c) Katie Hand d) Senan Clandillon 19) Which student doesn't like lollipops? a) Eabha Sheehan b) Katie Reilly c) Ellen Cowley d) Rachel Kiely 20) Which student has webbed feet? a) James Foran b) Fionn Coyle Connolly? c) Jake Ross d) Matthew Kiely 21) Who once fell down a manhole? a) Evonne b) Ms. Noone c) Mr. Grehan d) Milo 22) Who once kicked a ball into Croke Park? a) Max Rainbow b) Fionn Ebbs c) Jack Garvey d) Conor Quinn 23) Which student has represented Leinster in Badminton? a) Imogen Lawlor b) Maeve McGrath c) Charlotte Freyne d) Emma Coyle




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