My teacher just assigned homework to the class. We must complete it over the weekend and turn it in on Monday. I don't want to but I will do my work first then play. - This is expected behavior., My teacher asked if I was done with my iReady test. Replying I yell, " NO! I am not done. Leave me alone. Let me do my work." - This is not unexpected behavior., Mom and I are going to the doctor. I am getting a flu shot. Nervously, I tell my mom, "I hate shots." She hugs me and says, "It will be ok." I smile and try to be brave. - This is expected behavior., At the dentist office, I am told I need a filling. I jump up, run out of the exam room and start crying. - This is unexpected behavior., My gym teacher reminds my class the day before gym to wear our tennis shoes. I interrupt her by saying, "I know what I am suppose to do. Why do you always tell us this. It's not like it's brain surgery to remember to wear tennis shoes." - This is unexpected behavior., My music teacher is playing the drums loudly as the class claps along. The noise is too much for me. I want to scream and tell everyone to be quiet but I know that would be rude. Instead, I raise my hand, wait for my teacher to call on me and then ask for a break. - This is expected behavior., In class, my teacher instructs the class to write the notes on the board in our reading notebook. I don't need to take notes. I already know this lesson. Instead of copying the notes, I draw in my notebook. - This is unexpected behavior., As my art teacher is showing an example of a snowman. I yell out, "There's no way I can do that. I will mess it up. I don't want to do this. I will not do this." - This is unexpected behavior., During guidance, my friend tries to talk to me. I quietly turn to make eye contact with my friend, place my pointer finger to my mouth and turn back to listen to the teacher.  - This is expected behavior., As the science teacher shows the class how to make a fossil, I become confused, throw my materials across the room, scream and kick the chairs around me. - This is unexpected behavior., In media today, a kid from my class called me, "Stupid." Then told me, "You look weird." I didn't say anything to the kid. I went to my TA and asked her to help me. - This is expected behavior., Today, I just don't feel like being at school. I don't turn on my computer. I don't join my class in the meets that are required. All I do is sit on the couch and watch TV. - This is unexpected behavior., After reaching my reading goal, I celebrate by shouting out, "Woo-Hoo! YES!" My peers all laugh and I realize I have disrupted the class. I apologize and turn my attention back to the teacher. - This is expected behavior., In P.E., my friend joins the class virtually but he is in his pj's. The class starts laughing. I speak up above the laughter and ask for us all to get back to the workout. - This is unexpected behavior., In art, we are making "gods-eye's". This is a tricky craft but I like it. I try hard and ask for help when I need assistance. - This is expected behavior., As science class is ending, our teacher asks us to put away all materials and line up. So I put up my scissors, glue and paper. I line up and leave with the class. Halfway back to the room, I realize I forgot my coat. I scream and run back to the science lab. - This is unexpected behavior., After the guidance teacher leaves our meeting, I ask my teacher to explain what she meant by "being there for others" and how we can do that virtually. - This is expected behavior., I DO NOT want to listen to the opera our music teacher is presenting today. I turn off my computer volume, minimize the meeting and start playing a game. - This is unexpected behavior., As we wait for the Media teacher to join our meeting, my friend sends me chats in the chat box. After the teacher joins us, we continue to send messages back and forth.  - This is unexpected behavior., In Math today, we are learning about LCD - Least Common denominator. I am slowly understanding the concept but I need a little more help. I ask my teacher in a private message to help me. She places us in a breakout room and helps me. I say thank you and continue my work. - This is expected behavior., During read aloud, I make a connection between the fictional story and what could be non-fictional. As my teacher is reading I blurt out this connection. - This is unexpected behavior., I am having a bad day. I can't get my camera to work correctly. My internet is glitching. I need to reply to my teachers question but I can't turn on my microphone. I send my teacher a private message in the chat box explaining what is happening and that I am going to restart my computer. After my teacher says, "Okay, good luck." I decide to shut down my computer and not try at all. - This is unexpected behavior., During social studies, I become very interested in Abraham Lincoln. I decide to research him in another tab as my teacher is teaching. - This is unexpected behavior., As my teacher is trying to help me calm down and redirect my focus to my work, I am constantly backtalking her and interrupting what she is trying to say. - This is unexpected behavior., At home, I am expected to join all my links and do all my work without a lot of parental help. At times, I don't want to but I know if I don't my parents will get mad. I will also get in trouble. My work will pile up and I will have even more work to do. I decide to try my best and ask for help when I need it. - This is expected behavior.,


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