1) What are they doing? a) They're climbing a tree. b) They're climbing mountains. 2) What are the girls doing? a) They're doing gymnastics. b) They're doing karate. 3) What are they doing? a) They're making cakes. b) They're making models. 4) What's Charlie doing? a) He's playing the guitar. b) He's playing basketball. 5) What is Diana doing? a) She's riding a bike. b) She's riding a horse. 6) What's the bird doing? a) It's flying. b) It's jumping. 7) What are they doing? a) They're rollerskating. b) They're skateboarding.  8) What's the dog doing? a) It's running. b) It's swimming. 9) What's Emil doing? a) He's singing. b) He's walking. 10) What are they doing? a) They're going shopping. b) They're going to the library. 11) What's Gabi doing? a) She's hanging out with her friends. b) She's listening to music. 12) What's Franek doing? a) He's phoning his friends. b) He's playing computer games. 13) What is she doing? a) She's reading a book. b) She's sending text messages. 14) What is he doing? a) He's taking photos. b) He's watching TV.




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