1) I never ... a) throw clothes away. b) pay clothes back. c) throw clothes. 2) He took ___ his uniform and put ___ a sweater and trousers a) off, up b) on, off c) off, on 3) Can you ask John to ___ me back when he gets in? a) talk b) call c) ring 4) You’ll have an accident if you ___ driving like that. a) carry up b) care for c) carry on 5) I’m looking ___ Steve – have you seen him? a) for b) off c) out 6) I need to ___ more about these night courses. a) search out b) find out c) find 7) He sat on the bed to ___. a) take off his boots b) take his boots off c) take on his boots 8) Don’t worry, I’ll ___ the kids tomorrow. a) look for b) take after c) look after 9) This isn’t your money and you must ___ it back. a) give b) take c) get 10) He ___ every night. a) puts his toys out b) puts away his toys c) puts his toys away 11) She ___ up her job and started writing poetry. a) lost b) gave c) took 12) My mother says she’s looking ___ meeting you. a) forward b) for c) forward to 13) The two boys ___ on well most of the time. a) get b) give c) take 14) ___ the meeting over yet? a) be b) is c) get




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