Last year I ____ to Germany. I ____about this opportunity for months and in January I finally____ to apply for Berlin. I ____ an e-mail from the university department 5 weeks after I ____ the documents. They ____ me that I had been accepted to the Faculty of Medicine. In August I ____ to Berlin and I ____ into a small apartment, replacing a French girl who ____there since the start of summer semester. Hello, Sarah. I am sorry to bother you. Yesterday I ____ my keys and I ____ for them everywhere, but I ____ any luck so far. I ____ just ____ that yesterday morning I ____ your flatmate, Jenny. ____ a pair of keys? There is a small bow on the keychain. Let me know, bye. My grandmum met my grandpa when they ____ 16. She ____ in a small restaurant, called "Eat 'n' sheeps", when my granddad ____ the restaurant with some colleagues. My grandmother ____ orders from a table that was close to the one where my granddad and his collegues ____ at. He ____ at her, already fascinated by her grace and politeness, when she ____ and ____ at him. Since that day he would visit the restaurant three times a week, just to see her. He would order a small portion of chips and he would then ask her opinion about the main course. One day he ____. My grandmother accepted, but at one condition: he had to ask the permission to take her out to her father. My grand-grandfather ____ after he ____ a long conversation with my granddad and he ____ himself to be a great, hard-working and caring guy.


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