1) "I'm reading a book," Jim said. <--> Jim said that he _____ a book. a) has been reading b) was reading c) will be reading 2) "Do you like pop music?" she asked me. <--> She asked me _____ pop music. a) if do I like b) if did I like c) if I liked 3) "I bought my camera five years ago," said Kate. <--> Kate said that _____ five years before. a) she bought my camera b) she had bought my camera c) she had bought her camera 4) "_____, the baby is sleeping," said Mum. <--> Mum asked me not to shout because the baby was sleeping. a) Don't shout b) Didn't shout c) Not shout 5) "_____, please?" the old lady asked me. <--> The old lady asked me to help her. a) Did you help me b) Had you helped me c) Can you help me 6) "What time is it?" Nick asked Peter. <--> Nick asked Peter _____. a) what time is it b) what time was it c) what time it was 7) "_____ for the party, don't worry," Helen told Sylvia. <--> Helen told Sylvia not to worry because she wouldn't be late for the party. a) I won't be late b) I'm not late c) I wasn't late 8) Eva said: "I'm so tired, I _____ for two hours!" <--> Eva said she was so tired because she had been running for two hours. a) am running b) have been running c) will be running 9) Ms Green always says: "Students work really hard." <--> Ms Green always says that students _____ really hard. a) worked b) work c) are working 10) "This is the first time I have ever been to Mexico!" Mary told me yesterday. <--> Mary told me yesterday that that was the first time she _____ to Mexico. a) was ever b) has never been c) had ever been




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