1) If we mix blue and yellow, we _____ green. a) would get b) get c) would have got 2) If I _____ earlier this morning, I wouldn't have missed the bus. a) wake b) woke c) had woken 3) If I were you, I _____ more fruit and vegetables every day. a) will eat b) would eat c) eat 4) Open the window if you _____, please. a) don't mind b) didn't mind c) hadn't minded 5) If you _____ my message, give me a call. a) see b) will see c) saw 6) If we had cooked yesterday, we _____ fast food. a) didn't order b) wouldn't order c) wouldn't have ordered 7) If it is cold tomorrow, we _____ warmer clothes. a) wear b) would wear c) can wear 8) I would travel more often if I _____ more money. a) have b) had c) had had 9) If plants _____ sunlight, they can't make food. a) don't absorb b) didn't absorb c) hadn't absorbed 10) I _____ the test if I had studied harder yesterday. a) will have passed b) would have passed c) had passed




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