Many people ____ that video games have a negative effect on young people. A lot of time in front of a screen is bad for the ____ and the body, they believe. Newspaper ____ often ____ the same opinion - and combat games ____ the most ____ because of the ____. But is there any ____ for this ____? ____ a report in American Psychologist, the ____ is not so simple. Playing video games is sometimes good for children's education, health and ____ ____ shows that video games can ____ improve ____ skills. This is ____ true for combat games. These games teach players to think about objects in three ____ and this makes them better at studying ____, technology, engineering and maths. Other types of video game do not usually ____ these ____. ____, other types of video game can have other ____. In 2013, scientists did some ____ the effect of role-playing games (RPGs) on children. The research showed that when children spend a lot of time playing RPGs, they get better ____ at school that children who do not play them. Other research showed that playing any kind of video game, ____ violent games, improves children's ____. But using a computer or smartphone for emails of other tasks does not provide this ____. ____ and simple games like Angry Birds can ____ players' mood and ____ them ____ feeling ____. This ____ is important, the reports ____ Feeling relaxed and happy is good for your health. The report also ____ another emotional benefit of video games: they teach children how to react well to ____. In video games, players ____ and try again. This makes them emotionally strong in real life. Video games can ____ social skills too, the report says. More than 70% of gamers play with a friend, not alone, and millions of people ____ huge online games like Minecraft and Farmville. The players learn useful social skills: how to ____, how to work together and how to ____. ____ the reports does not ____ that some video games can have negatives effects; but it is important to think about the benefits too. And remember: you mustn't believe everything you read in the newspapers.


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