1) Used to pick up and grasp or turn foods such as foods on the grill or in a saucepan. a) Baking Sheet b) Wire Whisk c) Colander d) Turner 2) Used to level off dry ingredients with. a) Sifter b) Cutting Board c) Colander d) Metal Spatula 3) Use to whip or incorporate air when mixing food together in a fast motion. a) Wire Whisk b) Ladle c) Peeler d) Cutting Board 4) Used to separate and break up clumps in dry ingredients such as flour, as well as making the texture come out more “airy.” a) Baking Sheet b) Liquid Measuring Cup c) Turner d) Sifter 5) Used when cutting foods. To cut foods on this. a) Colander b) Liquid Measuring Cup c) Cutting Board d) Oven Mitts 6) This is a type of baking sheet that is used to put food in the oven with. a) Saucepan b) Dry Measuring Cup c) Grater d) Baking Sheet 7) Used with soups and liquids. Acts as a “bowl” to keep liquids from spilling out. a) Colander b) Sifter c) Grater d) Ladle 8) Used to measure liquid ingredients with. It is clear, has the written measurements on the sides, and a spout for pouring. a) Liquid Measuring Cup b) Cutting Board c) Colander d) Oven Mitts 9) This has different size cuts on each side. Used to cut cheeses or “grate” food into smaller pieces. a) Wire Whisk b) Grater c) Rubber Scraper d) Ladle 10) These are used to remove hot items from the oven so you do not burn your hands. a) Turner b) Dry Measuring Cup c) Oven Mitts d) Grater 11) This is a deep cooking pan, typically round, used over the stove to cook food with. a) Grater b) Baking Sheet c) Saucepan d) Wire Whisk 12) This is used to separate solids from liquids. Example: You use this when draining noodles from the water. a) Colander b) Cutting Board c) Grater d) Dry Measuring Cup 13)  his is used to measure dry ingredients with such as flour or sugar. a) Sifter b) Rubber Scraper c) Dry Measuring Cup d) Wire Whisk 14)  This is used to scrape food out of bowls or containers. It is usually made of rubber and can also be used when icing cakes or cupcakes. a) Rubber Scraper b) Dry Measuring Cup c) Grater d) Peeler 15) This is used to take off the outer layer of food. Has a blade on it that is sharp. a) Grater b) Dry Measuring Cup c) Peeler d) Colander 16) This is used for cutting in fat to flour. You use this piece of equipment when working with pastries, pies, and quick breads. a) Oven Mitts b) Spatula c) Ladle d) Pastry Blender 17) Used to measure small amounts of ingredients such as teaspoon or tablespoon. a) Measuring Spoons b) Sifter c) Oven Mitts d) Saucepan


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