Something which was not necessary to be done - We had plenty of time ahead of us so we didn't need to take a taxi to the airport, Something which is generally right or wrong to do. - You shouldn't be playing video games right now, Something which is forbidden - You mustn't smoke in here, A polite suggestion - Shall we order some coffee?, An obligation in the past - Julie had to leave the restaurant early yestarday because she was working the night shift., An internal obligation. - I must find a way to thank her for all she's done for me., A factual absence of obligation. - You don't have to know Spanish to speak to Juan; he understands English., Possibility in the present/future. - Jane might be arriving earlier than expected., A belief that something is true. - This must be her first time here because I've never seen her before., Annoyance - You could at least apologise to me!, An action that certainly didn't happen - Jack couldn't have called earlier, he was still on the plane., Something was expected to happen, but didn't - Peter spent so much time preparing the project for the science fair that he ought to have won first prize, A belief that something certainly happened - Karen must have left her mobile phone at home; I've been calling her all day but she isn't picking up., Criticism about a past action. - You shouldn't have spent so much money on your trip to the Canary Islands., Something wasn't necessary but it was done. - The bus arrived just after you left, so you needn't have taken a taxi.,

Modal Verbs ( quiz) - Pioneer C1


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