1) I know it sounds impossible, but I ____ already swim when I was three. a) COULD b) CAN 2) I’m afraid I ___ because we’re visiting our family in London next Saturday. a) COULD b) CAN'T 3) Footballers ____ eat fast food before a match! a) SHOULD b) SHOULDN'T 4) Mum, ___I go to the ice rink with Mary after school tomorrow? a) CAN b) CAN'T 5) I’m sure I ___ go to the toilet on my own. a) COULDN'T b) CAN 6) Pity I ___ see you taking part in the marathon last Friday. a) COULDN'T b) CAN'T 7) In order to win the next game, Frank ____practise more. a) SHOULD b) COULDN'T 8) You ______ start your practice if you haven’t warmed up first. a) COULDN'T b) SHOULDN'T




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