1) Who is the patron saint of Ireland? a) St Patrick b) Santa Clause c) Peter Pan d) A leprechaun 2) What color do we wear on St. Patrick's Day? a) green b) blue c) red d) purple 3) What plant symbolizes St. Patrick's Day? a) shamrock b) lilies c) oak tree d) ivy leaf 4) Who are the tiny people who play tricks on us? a) leprechauns b) fairies c) elves d) gnomes 5) What do we hope to find on St. Patrick's Day? a) a pot of gold b) dollars c) candy d) balloons 6) Where would we look for the pot of gold? a) end of a rainbow b) under the ocean c) on top of a mountain d) in our classroom 7) What is considered to be lucky on St. Patrick's Day? a) a horseshoe b) a puppy c) wearing blue socks d) catching a cold 8) What dance is likely to be performed on St. Patrick's Day? a) an Irish jig b) ballroom dancing c) hiphop d) ballet 9) Which creature is St. Patrick said to have banished from Ireland? a) snakes b) ants c) cows d) spiders

St Patrick's Day Maze Chase





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