What are you doing this year to improve yourself?, What do you think your best friend is doing right now?, Are you reading any interesting books these days? Which ones?, What TV shows are you watching now?, Think of your favorite celebrity. What do you think they are doing right now?, Who are you hanging out with a lot these days?, What projects are you working on this week?, What are you studying these days?, Show your partner a picture on your phone. Describe what is happening in the photo., What is your favorite sports team? How are they doing this season?, What are some activities you like to do?, What are some good habits that you have?, What are some things you do every day?, Do you have any bad habits?, What is something you should do every day but don’t?, What is something you eat almost every day?, What do you do at your job?, What is your morning routine? How about your evening routine?, Is there anything you do only once a year?, What is something you do about once every month?, What is the strangest fact you know?, What do you do in your free time?, Have you ever drastically changed your hair style or clothing style in a short time?, Have you ever shot a gun?, Have you ever ridden an animal?, Where have you traveled?, What sports have you played? , Where is the best place you have ever been?, What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?, What interesting foods have you eaten?, What are some unique accomplishments you have done?, Have you ever screamed at someone in public?, Who is the greatest person you have ever met?, How long have you studied English?, What is the best and worst restaurant you have eaten at?, What have you done a lot this week?, What did you do for you last birthday?, Who was your first crush?, What was the last really difficult thing you had to do?, What did you eat for you last meal?, Who did you meet last week? What did you do together?, Tell me about what you did for the last 24 hours., When was the last time you were really excited about something?, Tell me about where you lived as a child., When was the last time you went to an amusement park? How was it?, What was the best meal you ate recently?, What were you doing ten minutes ago?, What were you doing half an hour ago?, What were you doing five hours ago?, What were you doing at seven o’clock this morning?, What were you thinking about few minutes ago?, Were you watching TV last night?, Was is raining a few hours ago? Was it snowing?, What was our teacher saying a few minutes ago?, Were we studying English an hour ago?, What were you doing at midnight last night?, What were you doing at noon yesterday?, Who were you talking to a few minutes ago?, What was our teacher doing a few minutes ago?, What were you doing at seven o’clock last night?, What were you doing at ten o’clock yesterday morning?, What do you think I was doing three hours ago?.

Jetstream Upper - Unit 1.1 - Grammar Time Tense review


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