1) If I ... a car, I wouldn't walk to school every day. a) had b) would have 2) If I won a lottery, I ... a huge house. a) buy b) would buy 3) If I ... you, I would go to the doctor. a) were b) be 4) What would you do if you ... a wallet in the street? a) will find b) found 5) I ... forgive Tom if I were you. a) won't b) wouldn't 6) ... you go to Maciek's party, if you weren't busy? a) Would b) Will 7) If I were you, I ... mum the truth. a) will tell b) would tell 8) What would you do if you ... a lion? a) saw b) see 9) If I ... time, I would help you. a) have b) had 10) What ... you do if you won the lottery? a) did b) would 11) What would you do if you ... a queen? a) met b) meet 12) They ... more money if they didn't buy so many clothes. a) have b) would have




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