1) Can I have _______________ butter please? a) a few b) some c) many 2) He has _______________ money. He owns two large apartments. a) a lot of b) many c) some 3) Do you want sugar in your tea? - Just _______________ please. a) how much b) a little c) a few 4) I have _______________ DVDs a) a lot of b) much c) a little 5) I'll be ready in _______________minutes. a) some b) a few c) little 6) _______________ time do you need to finish your homework? a) How many b) How much 7) _______________ books have you read in the last two months? a) How much b) How many 8) Do you want _______________cosmetics from Avon? a) much b) any c) few 9) We have _______________ bread. It is not enough for dinner. a) little b) a little c) few 10) We have _______________ chairs but we need more. a) much b) many c) few

QUANTIFIERS / DETERMINERS EXERCISES - much/many/a lot of/some/any/(a)few/(a)little


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