1) the act of removing a government and replacing it with a different one a) independence b) revolution c) propaganda d) defiance 2) confident about a thought or belief a) convinced b) perspectives c) defiance d) firsthand 3) the way someone looks at or thinks about something a) secondhand b) convinced c) diversity d) perspectives 4) a violent killing of many people a) rebellion b) revolution c) massacre d) defiance 5) from the original source; direct a) secondhand b) firsthand c) independence d) propaganda 6) freedom a) patriots b) loyalists c) liberty d) revolution 7) not from the original source; indirect a) firsthand b) perspectives c) diversity d) secondhand 8) freedom from being controlled; self-sufficiency a) independence b) liberty c) revolution d) rebellion 9) information used to try to persuade someone to be for or against an idea or person a) perspectives b) convinced c) propaganda d) loyalists 10) uprising a) revolution b) liberty c) defiance d) rebellion 11) variety a) defiance b) diversity c) propaganda d) patriots 12) disobedience a) defiance b) independence c) diversity d) loyalists 13) the colonists who wanted to be separate from England a) loyalists b) patriots c) defiance d) rebellion 14) the colonists who were loyal to England a) loyalists b) patriots c) defiance d) rebellion

Module 3 Vocabulary Part 1

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