The UK constitution developed over many years. First there was the ____ in 1215 followed by the ____ in 1689, next came the ____ 1701 followed by the ____ 1707. In the 20th century there came the ____ of 1911 and 1949, the ____ 1972 and the ____ Act 2017 The United Kingdom does not have a ____ constitution. This is not the same as saying that it is ____ - as much of the UK constitution is now written for example the  ____ 1998 is well known document.  Virtually all ____ countries have a codified constitution, the most famous of which is the Virtually all modern countries have a codified constitution, the most famous of which is the ____ constitution. However, the key principle is not whether a constitution is codified, but whether it is ____ To be codified a constitution has to have 3 features ;it is contained in a ____ document  it has a single ____ and was therefore created at ____ in history, even if it has since been amended.  The constitutional laws contained in it must be clearly distinguished from another ____ ____ a vote held among the electorate at national, regional or local level to resolve an important issue. ____ in the UK are usually held to approve the change in the system of government or to a country's ____ arrangements. Parliamentary ____ is a principle established after ____, meaning that the UK parliament [not the [Scottish] Parliament] in Westminster is Supreme within the political system. Only ____ can grant power to other bodies and it can ____ on any matters it wishes. Its laws cannot be overridden by any other body, even the government or the monarch. It also means that the current parliament cannot bind any future parliaments. Each newly elected parliament ____ sovereign and ____ be bound by what has gone before. Federalism is a constitutional principle that ____ sovereignty, or ultimate power, between ____ and regional governments. ____ normally occurs when a ____ states come together to form ____.  A ____ arrangement preserves some of the original states autonomy. The ____ are good examples. It is ____ for a modern state not to have a codified constitution. The UK ____ in not having a codified constitution. It is important to say that a ____ countries that do not have a codified constitution ____ flexible political systems, while countries whose constitutions is ____ have far more rigid political systems that are very difficult to amend, ____ for example, currently join the UK in an uncodified camp.




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