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debeo, debere - i ought, doceo, docere - I teach, iubeo, iubere - I order, constituo, constituere - I decide, dimitto, dimittere - I send away, ludo, ludere - I play, scribo, scribere - I write, cupio, cupere - I desire, want, eo, ire - I go, exeo, exire - I go out, ceteri, ceterae, cetera (pl. only) - the others, the rest, meus, mea, meum - my (possessive adjective), tuus, tua, tuum - your (possessive adjective), ianua, -ae - door, littera, -ae - letter, domus - home (4th declension), domum - to home (4th declension), magister - teacher, (school) master, ego - I (nom.), me - me (acc.), tu - you (sing. nom.), te - you (sing. acc.), celeriter - quickly (adverb), diligenter - carefully, hard (adverb), iterum - again (adverb), prope + acc - near, itaque - and so, thus (conjunction), nec/ - neither...nor...,

Latin OlC Vocabulary Box 6


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