1) This is my mother. _____ name is Mary. a) Her b) My c) Their d) His e) Your f) Our 2) He is my cousin. _____ name is Michael. a) My b) Your c) His d) Her e) Our f) Their 3) They are brothers. Ana is _____ sister. a) my b) your c) her d) their e) his f) our 4) This is my sister. _____ name is Lilly. a) His b) My c) Her d) Your e) Our f) Their 5) This is my father. _____ name is Peter. a) Your b) Their c) Her d) His e) My f) Our 6) This is my son. _____ name is John. a) My b) Our c) His d) Their e) Her f) Your 7) They are my grandparents. _____ names are Julie and Tom. a) Your b) Our c) My d) Her e) Their f) His 8) This is my dog. _____ name is Bobby. a) My b) Your c) Their d) Its e) Our f) Her 9) This is my uncle. ____ name is Rob. a) Its b) His c) Her d) Their e) Our f) Your 10) This is a family. ____ family is big. a) His b) My c) Its d) Her e) Your f) Their


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