Planned Future (futuro già pianificato)--Present continuous: I am going to bed at 9.00., He's leaving by the 6.30 train., They're working until 7.30., Mum is cooking dinner tonight., You're going to the doctor's tomorrow., Bob’s meeting his friends on Sunday afternoon., Sheila is giving a party on her birthday., Intentional Future (futuro intenzionale) ------going to+verb: She's going to sleep because she’s tired., I'm going to leave soon., Sue isn't going to help you., You aren't going to pay the bill., Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain., Are you going to wait for us?, Are they going to study this year?, Future simple (previsioni, supposizioni sul futuro non deicso da me) WILL+VERB: I'll help you!, We'll do that for you., He won't go to London, I think., They'll probably come here., Dad hopes he'll come here., Maybe Bob will come with us., What do you think? Will you call her?,


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